From high energy Flow, to slow and steady Restore, to community building Acro Yoga, Divinitree’s yoga classes are welcoming, non-competitive, fulfilling, and fun!


Flow  | Flow 2  | Flow 2/3

A creative and energizing breath-to-movement practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, mental focus, and self-awareness. You’ll flow through a sequence of intelligently linked poses to combine movement with breath, and breath with mindfulness. Each teacher brings their own style to the table, so try them all to find what resonates with you!

Flow - Suitable for all levels 

Flow 2 - Some familiarity with yoga is recommended (intermediate poses offered) 

Flow 2/3 - Familiarity with yoga is recommended (intermediate and advanced poses offered) 


Gentle Flow 

A gentle and slow-paced approach to Flow that blends physical postures and deep breathing to create mindful body awareness and inner strength, while improving flexibility and releasing tension. Explore your mind-body connection in a supportive and non-intimidating environment.

Recommended for beginners and suitable for all levels. 


Intuitive Flow

A soulful, evolving Flow class that holds space for students to connect with the waves of their breath and experience the wisdom of their instinctual body. Through organic, intuitive movement and thoughtfully choreographed sequencing, this powerful yet non-intimidating class encourages students to let go, tune in, breathe, sweat, and be moved.

Some familiarity with yoga is recommended. 



Grow your yoga roots from the ground up and cultivate self-love and confidence in your practice. Roots is a beginner-friendly and all levels Flow class that targets body awareness, strength, and flexibility to help you expand your knowledge of asanas (poses), alignment, and the yogic tradition and philosophy.

Recommended for beginners and suitable for all levels.



A practice of deep relaxation and slowing it down, Restore eases the mind through calming breathwork and opens your body through passive stretching. Props - such as blankets, bolsters, blocks, and eye pillows - help you surrender into poses and hold them for long periods of time. Most of this class is seated and laying down. Restore is beneficial for anyone looking to relieve stress, calm excessive mind chatter, and deepen sleep.

Suitable for all levels.


Flow + Restore

Unwind and drop into the flow. This yin/yang style class will begin and end with rejuvenating restorative poses. In-between, enjoy balancing breathwork and a juicy, opening, and grounding Flow.

Suitable for all levels.



Slow down and look inwards. Assisted by gravity and supported by props, poses are held for long periods of time to release the connective tissues and fascia networks of the body. Yin allows you to surrender to each pose fully and find emotional release.

Candlelit Yin - Practice Yin in the warm and peaceful glow of candlelight.

Yin + Aromatherapy - Essential oils are offered throughout the class to deepen your experience of each pose.


Flow + Yin

Recharge and balance your day. Flow + Yin starts with a gentle warmup, builds into a heat-building and energizing active flow, then ends with slow Yin poses (deep stretches held for long periods of time) to leave you feeling refreshed and grounded. About 75% Flow and 25% Yin.

Some familiarity with yoga recommended.



The kriyas and meditations in Kundalini are designed to raise awareness and prepare the body, nervous system, and mind for the energy of meditation to support the energetic connection with the Self and the Universe. In this class, the kriyas - sets of repeated movements - are combined with breathwork, sound, chanting, and/or experiencing the vibration of the gong to foster self healing on different energetic levels.

Suitable for all levels. 


Acro Yoga

A community building, high energy collaboration of partner yoga, acrobatics, inversions, and Thai therapeutics. All levels - including beginners - are encouraged to try this dynamic and fun class, with modifications offered to make the skills mellower if you're a beginner and more challenging if you have experience.

Come with or without a partner! No yoga or acro experience required.

Suitable for all levels.


Silent Disco Flow + Meditation

A fun, all-levels Flow that takes you on a deeply relaxing journey into sound. Immerse yourself in the motion of yoga with a pair of noise isolating wireless headphones, which allows you to hear music and voice instruction simultaneously, at the volume level of your choice. We begin with invigorating yet gentle yoga, activating your breath with intuitive postures. The class closes with cool down stretches, light guided meditation, and a sweet savasana.

Brought to you by Yoga Dance Magic.

Suitable for all levels.