Vinyasa classes encompass a wide range of styles in which you flow from one movement to the next, syncing breath with each movement. Generally, these classes are moderate to quickly paced and are suitable for a range of ability levels. Each class is unique and creatively sequenced.



Restorative yoga may incorporate aspects of both Yin and Vinyasa, however, it is characteristically slow-flowing, with fewer long holds. Restorative classes are suitable for students who are dealing with injury, illness, or high stress and want a class that will help them relieve muscle tension and relax. Oftentimes props, including therapy balls for self-massage, are used.



Kundalini classes take a spiritual and physical approach to heightening consciousness. Through kriyas (quick, repetitive exercises), chanting (recitation of a mantra or word), and various other breath and body techniques, the goal is to unite the psychic energy that normally lies dormant in your root chakra at the base of your spine with your crown chakra at the top of your head in order to create a transcendent spiritual state.



AcroYoga classes combine acrobatics, partner yoga, and Thai massage. Acro yoga encourages participants to build community and play. Many poses in acroyoga require 3  people: one to be “basing,” one to be “flying,” and another to spot, making the environment safe and inclusive. No partner necessary!



In Yin yoga classes, each pose is held - usually using the assistance of props - for 90 seconds or more. Instead of straining, gravity and time are relied on to go deeper into the stretch. Yin classes move slowly and can be a great practice to challenge the body and mind to be still for extended periods



Ashtanga is a challenging and athletic sub-set of Vinyasa that is structured with a specific series of poses. These poses, with slight variations, remain consistent with each class. Over time, students may move into higher-level variations of each posture. The Ashtanga classes we offer stick to a more traditional structure but incorporate the creativity of general Vinyasa in transitions and variations.