Thank you for being here!

Let’s work together to create an amazing space for our community.

For questions, please contact Sierra or Jill:
Sierra – (805) 722-8227
Jill – (805) 895-9902

●      All Desk Yogis should be posted at the desk 20 minutes before any class starts until 10 minutes after the class begins to receive late students.

●      Count the class BOTH before classes begins, AND at least 15 minutes after the class begins.

●      Please collaborate with teachers to make sure dry mopping is being done in-between classes.

●  For every 4 hours you work, take a 10 minute break.

● You may move your car 1-2 times during your shift as long as it is not during a check-in or check-out time.

 ● If there is not someone working at Kotuku, never leave the studio while a class is in session. If there’s not class, always ensure the door is locked behind you if you leave the studio and Kotuku is closed.

Name *
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Opener Only
Before Class
During Class
Please note any teachers who arrived less than 15 minutes before their class start time (include name and time arrived)
For the VM’s you did not return, record info here (include name and phone number):
After Class
When classes release, please track down any unpaid students. If there are still unpaid students at the end of your shift, please note their names and mobile number below explaining how/why they are unpaid, the class they were unpaid for, the date, and your name. If there was any discrepancy in the class count, explain here.
Was there anything (from spray nozzles to the MindBody software) that was broken, missing, or running low?
Do you have any questions or suggestions for this shift?Questions, comments from students, etc. For anything time sensitive, please contact Sierra at 805-722-8227.
Closers Only
Only complete these tasks at the end of the day!
Sunday evening yogi, turn off the iPad's completely :)