Karma Cleaners CHECKLIST


Thank you for being here!

Please complete all general cleaning tasks, as well as the deep clean tasks assigned to your specific day and time.

We’re honored to have you as part of the Divinitree family.

Let’s work together to create an amazing space for our community.

For questions, please contact Sierra or Jill:
Sierra – (805) 722-8227
Jill – (805) 895-9902

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Today's Date *
Today's Date
Back-up supplies are located in the Sun Room bathroom. Please move any needed supplies to the left chest in the Sun Room as well as the wicker basket in the lobby bathroom.
Check if we're low on back-up lighters, candles, tea tree oil, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, dixie cups, clean mop heads, clean towels, Mrs. Meyer's All-Purpose Cleaning Fluid, Window cleaner, Bona floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol wipes, etc.
If you are the FIRST cleaner of the day, please replace the dry and wet mop heads at the START of your shift. We use the same dry and wet mop heads for 24 hours before changing them.
Cleaning gloves are located in the wicker basket! Make sure that the wicker basket has at least 2 weeks supplies of cleaning fluids and restocking items--if not, move some from the Sun Room.
Only for our KC's who are working the night-time shift! If you work morning or day, skip this section!
Deep Clean Tasks *
Please complete the task associated with your specific shift.
Questions, comments from students, etc. For anything time sensitive, please contact Sierra at 805-722-8227.