Karma Cleaners

Scholarship Program

We are looking for positive, energetic, and hardworking Karma Cleaners to join our community!

If you're interested in assisting with cleaning or laundering towels/blankets in exchange for an Unlimited Membership, we'd love to get to know you.

Our Karma Cleaners are responsible for the cleanliness of our studio and, in turn, keeping our students comfortable and happy! Karma Cleaners are passionate about yoga, eager to learn, demonstrate trustworthiness, respect, and reliability. Karma Cleaners are required to find coverage for their own shifts, so they must be willing to work as a team and support their fellow Karma Cleaners by covering and trading shifts.

In exchange for 3 hours of cleaning a week, they receive an Unlimited Membership, including all of our membership perks, and a caring and supportive work environment. Karma Cleaners are first to be considered for paid front desk positions as they become available.

To be eligible for the Karma Cleaner Program, you must:

  • Commit to the position for at least 4 months

  • Give 2 weeks notice to leave the position once the 4 mo. have passed

  • Commit to 2, one-and-a-half hour shifts per week (3 hours total)

  • Be a positive and generous person who works well with others

  • Have strong organization, communication and time management skills

  • Maintain a personal yoga practice

We prioritize applicants who have shown a commitment to the studio and our teachers by attending classes and utilizing our Intro Offer.

We are also interested in working with individuals who would like to share other skills such as graphic design, marketing, or general contracting. To apply, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you soon. Thank you! 

*Please note: Our Karma Cleaners program is a scholarship. Our goal is to provide accessible classes to those who would otherwise not be able to practice at a studio due to financial hardship.

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Meet Sierra! Divinitree’s Community Coordinator and Karma Cleaners Program Manager.

Meet Sierra! Divinitree’s Community Coordinator and Karma Cleaners Program Manager.