Year Of Centering

A 22-Day Meditation Series to Kickstart Your Meditation Practice in 2019

January 6 to 27, 2019 ⊹ Every Sunday from 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Kickstart your meditation practice in January with this engaging and fun series that will help you gain essential tools and insights to integrate into your practice for the new year. Each week, you’ll learn a new style of meditation from Mindfulness Meditation to Kundalini Subtle Body Activation to Creativi•Tao.

Find a practice that resonates with you. Become more balanced. Become more centered.

For new and returning practitioners.

Members: $77

Non-Members: $85

Includes 4 group meditations, informational print materials, meditation calendar, and an open line of communication with the instructors throughout the course.

** NEW OPTION: Sign up for an individual class for $25 each (Members: $21.25). ** At checkout, please select the class you would like to attend. The system will say that your pricing option is for all 4 classes, but it is only for the one class you have selected

January 6

MarQ Taylor - Meditation teacher in Santa Barbara

MarQ Taylor ⊹ Mindfulness Meditation

A progressive and practical practice that’s suitable for all levels.

Join MarQ for an exploration of mindful meditation practice — progressive, practical guidance to build and integrate your meditation practice — suitable for all levels. Learn to cultivate habits of inner well-being and re-center yourself into presence amidst life stresses. Explore what meditation is (or isn’t) and play with different techniques using your breath, body sensations, heart and mind. Learn skills that can bring macro changes to your overall wellness and fitness programs. 

MarQ came to yoga and meditation seeking physical clarity and spiritual rejuvenation. MarQ's mission is to bring students into connection with their complexity; to an understanding of both the boundaries and potentials of their bodies.

January 13

Mitsuko Meditation Teacher in Santa Barbara

Mitsuko Conner-Newlan ⊹ Kundalini Subtle Body Activation

An active stillness like a flame.

A knife is a knife before and after it meets the stone. Join Mitsuko Conner Newlan to hone your blade through guided meditation.

Mitsuko is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, at Divinitree, and has been serving the Kundalini Yoga Community since 2011. She recently completed a KRI Certified Level 2 Teacher Training Module on Mind and Mediation, and is excited to share this wealth of information with new, well-versed or in-between meditators who are wanting to nurture their daily personal practice. 

This workshop covers concepts, tools and techniques from the Kundalini Yoga perspective. Build a strong and steady daily meditation practice ranging from 1 minute to 2 1/2 hrs. 

Kundalini Yoga has changed her life. Dare to sharpen your blade!

January 20

Immanuel Otto - Meditation teacher in Santa Barbara

Immanuel Otto ⊹ Creativi•Tao™

Daily meditation for inner awareness, amplified creativity & enhanced intuition.

This easy but powerful daily meditation sets the foundation for truly inspired creative expression by establishing a relationship between the individual participant and their own wisdom. Flow Practice One™ takes “meditation” to the next level through an innovative, powerful and heart-opening sitting practice that develops connection with your deepest sense of wisdom and Self, while serving to stimulate and enhance intuitive gifts inherent in your subtle energy field.

Immanuel studies myth, religion and tradition; and practices/teaches meditation for the specific purpose of awakening the creative culture to its critical role in unifying what is now a global community. 

January 27

Team Sit

Join all the facilitators for a closing panel, meditation, discussion, and overall recap on the program, including strategies for staying with your practice over the coming year.