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Is there a commitment to sign up for the membership?

Nope! If you love it, we hope you’ll stay with us forever. If it doesn’t work for you anymore, no problem! Cancel anytime.

I still have classes left over from a class pack. Do I have to use all of them before starting a membership?

No - We’re more than happy to credit the value of your existing classes towards the first month of your membership. For example, if you paid $160 for a 10 class pack and have 2 classes left, we’ll credit the $32 you paid for those classes toward your membership. We’ll have to do it in person, so please visit us in the studio to get set up.

Can I freeze my membership?

Most definitely. We know how busy life can get! Feel free to freeze your account for up to 2 months total per year. If that means 4 freezes of 2-weeks each, that’s totally cool with us. Just give us a 5-day notice because our team is pretty busy!

Use the “Freeze Membership” button above to put in the request!

Are the memberships paid monthly?

Yes. All memberships renew monthly until you tell us otherwise! Payments are automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on the date that you originally purchased the membership. For example, if you paid on the 5th of May, then your next payment will be deducted on the 5th of June. Sorry, we don’t take cash or check!

Am I able to change my membership?

Of course. You can make your request by filling out “Switch Tiers” request form (button at the top of this page). Changes are put into effect on your following billing date / upcoming month. Please give us a 5-day notice before your next billing cycle!

Can I change my membership to a different tier for just one month?

Totally. The memberships can be changed according to your needs with a 5-day notice before your next billing cycle.

Do unused classes roll over to the next month?

Nope. By becoming a Mini Member, you’re agreeing to take on the responsibility of using the amount of classes allotted on your membership.

How much in advance do I need to notify you to cancel my membership?

Please give us at least 5-days prior notice before your next billing cycle if would like to cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, use the Cancel Membership button at the top of this page. All cancelation requests must go through that form! If you happen to request to cancel 1-4 days before your next billing date, we charge a $5 admin/rush fee. Our team is very small and super busy, so the 5-day heads up gives us time to make the change!

What if my card is declined?

Please do your best to let us know if you need us to update your card by filling out the Update Payment Info form using the button at the top of this page. We’re charged a small fee every time an auto-payment card is declined, so if we don’t receive a payment from you within 5 days of the initial decline, we will put your membership on hold until we receive your updated card information. If we don’t receive your payment information within 14 days of the initial decline, we’ll unfortunately need to cancel your membership and you will be responsible for paying the value of the classes you took during the unpaid time period at the studio’s regular drop-in rate.

Can I share my membership?

Nope. Memberships cannot be shared. However, you’re given 1 free guest pass per month! Please use them to bring in your loved ones (especially those who are new to the studio) so they can enjoy the benefits of yoga and our community, too.

I don't want to have a recurring charge. What are my options?

We’re able to offer deeply discounted auto-pay rates in exchange for commitment over time. If this doesn’t work for you - no worries! We have great class packages that are also offered at a discounted rate per class.

Can I pay for my membership in cash or check?

All membership payments must be made via credit or debit card, hence “auto-pay”!

Do you have student discounts or other discounts?

Yes! Seniors (60+), Veterans, Disabled, Teachers, and Full-Time Students (12 units) receive 10% off all class packages and membership options. Not valid for drop-ins, community classes, or Intro Month. Please make your purchase in the studio. We’ll ask for proof of status - such as a class schedule, valid ID, or proof of employment - so please come prepared otherwise we cannot honor your 10% discount at that time. We will also follow up with you periodically throughout the year to check on your status and to update your payment option as necessary.

How do I receive my other perks?

We send our partners lists of our members at the beginning of each month. Simply visit our local partner, tell them you’re a member at Divinitree, and they’ll double check the list. That’s it! Easy peasy.

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