Monday/Wednesday AM Karma Yogi CHECKLIST


Thank you for being here!
We’re honored to have you as part of the Divinitree family.

Let’s work together to create an amazing space for our community.

For questions, please contact Sierra or Jill:
Sierra – (805) 722-8227
Jill – (805) 895-9902

Important Codes:
– Front door and moon room door: 4242

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Today's Date
Your Karma Yogi Duties
For more details on any of these duties, see the Karma Yogi manual.
When classes release, please track down any unpaid students. If there are still unpaid students at the end of your shift, please note their names and mobile number below explaining how/why they are unpaid, the class they were unpaid for, the date, and your name.
Questions, comments from students, etc. For anything time sensitive, please contact Sierra at 805-722-8227.