Thank you for your interest in hosting a workshop at Divinitree Santa Barbara! We love offering unique events to our students to help them deepen their practice, enrich their lives, and have some fun.

Please read the following and if you agree with the terms, we’d love to receive your application!

  • Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the proposed workshop date.

    • This is the minimum amount of time the studio needs to create the marketing materials required to successfully promote events.

  • All workshops are split 50/50 (50% of the gross revenue to the facilitator(s) and 50% to the studio). This is the absolute maximum.

    • Divinitree Santa Barbara’s expenses and responsibilities include but are not limited to: rent, foot patrol security, utilities (electricity, gas, and water), general liability insurance, designing marketing materials, printing flyers, posting flyers throughout Santa Barbara City, providing paid staff dedicated to social media marketing for events, updating website, website hosting, email marketing, marketing software fees, briefing staff and teachers to announce event, providing staff for check-in, providing staff for set up and clean up, point of sales software fees, and credit card processing fees.

  • Teachers, karma yogis (our work trade team), and auto-pay members receive discounts ranging from 10% to 40% on workshops, and workshop facilitators must honor these discounts, as well as “early bird specials”.

  • Each workshop facilitator may bring one free guest and one additional guest at 50% off the full price.

  • The owner or Community Coordinator attend workshops free of cost and manage the front desk, take payments, ensure everything is running smoothly, and asses the quality of the event.

  • It is expected that the workshop facilitator helps promote his/her own event on social media, digital channels, and word-of-mouth.


To apply to host a workshop at Divinitree Santa Barbara, please fill out the following form:

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